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How to stay motivated to lose weight and exercise

There are plenty of ways to stay motivated and different people react differently to all of the various techniques that I’m going to teach you; so find ones that you like and stick to them! Depending on if you are intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated, there are different strategies.

If you are intrinsically motivated you want to accomplish goals to make yourself feel better, and extrinsic motivation has more to do with seeking other’s approval or only doing your work because of external reward or consequence. Basically it all boils down to motivating yourself through rewards for the short-term until you can become motivated to exercise out of pure joy!

Involve others in the process and make sure that you are getting positive reinforcement. A sense of community and working towards a goal with others can get you through those days that you don’t want to go for a run.

Eventually you’ll get to a point when you know how to get yourself to do what you need to do no matter what, but until then use the resources that I have for you and that you have all around you to stay motivated :)