Week 11:

Advanced Dog Training –

Preparing for the peak.

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[ds_firstname], welcome to week 11.Wow! You’ve made it so far, and you’re almost complete. Don’t be too sad, we’re not done with you quite yet. After finishing, you’ll be provided with instructions to make your own weekly training plans after finishing our basic course.

This week we want to introduce a new and more intensive type of cardio training. You are free to train this way and you can rest assured that you’ll burn more calories in record amounts of time due to the shock that your body experiences. However, if you are absolutely satisfied with the Light Cardio Training, and feel that it works better for you, then you can stick with it! Like you  noticed over the last few weeks: Our program is really liberal and there are lots of options for you to modify it and base it around your own individual goals and needs. You don’t have to follow our plan religiously, and you can tweak it and make slight adjustments and alterations. Just make sure that the plan keeps challenging you and pushing you to the limits.

Enjoy your week and make sure to give your training sessions absolutely everything that you’ve got

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Body Weight Circuit 11:

Body Weight Circuit 8:

Body Weight Circuit 2:

Day 1: Rest

Hopefully you used the rest day yesterday, as this means that you have a well deserved free day. If you didn’t use the optional training day yesterday: Just skip this day and start the week with day 2.

Day 2: Cardio Training: Interval Training

Note: you can do interval training with any type of aerobic exercise: running, cycling, swimming, sport, etc. The easiest way to measure intensity is to figure out your heart rate, but it is okay to guesstimate in the beginning, just to get a rough feeling of where you’re at, fitness wise. Try to get a feeling for your maximum intensity levels, and try to stick to the intensity that we recommend in the program. We know that it’s difficult to hit the percentages, goals and targets like we present them, but do try to move faster when we suggest moving faster, and slow down when we suggest it.

The most important thing about interval training is that your body doesn’t get used to it. It’s always a new challenge for your body to adapt to a new intensity level, and this means that you burn more calories as a result. If you absolutely can’t tolerate this training: Stick with the “Light Cardio Training” that you already know.

Interval workout: 30 min
5 minute warm up 30% max intensity
10 minutes at 60% max intensity
2 minutes at 80% max intensity
8 minutes at 60% max intensity
5 minutes at 85% max intensity
5 minute cool down 20% max intensity

Day 3: Body Workout Circuit #2

Today it’s time to repeat one of our beginner’s workouts.  If you did follow our interval training yesterday, we don’t want to overwhelm you, so take things steady. Try to improve on your technique and aim to perform more repetitions than you did in the second week of the training program

Day 4: Rest

On all of the rest days you should do some light stretching and ice any of the muscles that are sore! Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water : )

Day 5: Body Workout Ciruit #11

And here we go with our newest circuit. Circuit 11 introduces some new exercises, which means that you have to learn the new techniques before you start the circuit. This circuit is really challenging and we have found that a fair few Drilldoggy users did struggle to accomplish the numbers of repetitions that we recommend.

As always: Try your best, make some notes and repeat the circuit when you’re encouraged to do so. This way you can be sure that you’ll make progress. I think it’s time for me to be going now. Have a lot of fun with your circuit, and remember: You can use a bottle instead of the resistance band if you wish.

Day 6:  Light Cardio Training (45 minutes)

Cardio is about getting your heart pumping, and your blood flowing. The best way to monitor this is with a heart rate monitor, and then figure out your zones. If this is a little too high-tech then you’ll just need to get a feeling for when your heart is beating at the right rate. Some great examples of cardio are: running in the park (one of my favorites), going for a bike ride, or just doing a few laps in your local swimming pool. Simply try your best, and go at a leisurely pace. This is LIGHT cardio training after all. The intention here is to ease you into the program, not kill yourself as if you’re training for a marathon. The intention today is to get your heart rate up, get your blood flowing, and to burn a few calories along the way. Things get much tougher so don’t worry about that.

Examples of exercise intensity levels:
Skipping Rope > Running > Swimming > Riding Bike > Walking

Recommended Time (Skipping Rope, Running, Swimming, Riding Bike, Walking):
15-20 minutes > 30-45 minutes > 45-60 minutes > 60-75 minutes > 90 minutes

Remember: These are only recommended times, and should be your targets after finishing the training program, and getting yourself fitter. For now just keep going for as long as you can! It’s great to ride a bike for 30 minutes, or walk for 45 minutes in the park. Every form of activity burns calories! 

Day 7: Optional Training Day: Body Weight Workout #8

Fantastic! You have made it and now it’s down to you: You can stop here without exercising today, or you can show us that you are one of the most motivated Drilldoggy users we’ve ever seen, and you can use this day for a short but intense body weight workout.

Today we would love to encourage you to perform the workout #8 again. It’s your decision, but you will feel much better if you do opt to go for the extra training!

That’s it. See you next week for the last week of the 12 week training program Have a great time.