What do your clients get?

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This isn’t Lose Weight While You Sleep or some gimmick that makes you feel guilty.
DrillDoggy works because we’re using an approach anyone can follow.

DrillDoggy is the personal coach anyone can afford!

• Members enjoy 12 weeks of fat-burning training with videos recorded by a personal coach. No going to the gym! No expensive equipment! Just crunches, lunges, squats, and over 100 different types of exercises the human body can do without tools.

First Positive Changes in 2-weeks. Going to a gym without knowing what you’re doing is a big waste of time. If you don’t see results quickly, you will give up. Our approach works because our clients eat right and exercise right. When they see in 2-weeks that they’re not wasting their time, they keep going, and when they keep going, they see even more amazing results.

Nutrition for Everyone. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that, no wonder people give up and eat anything they want. DrillDoggy helps clients understand the role diet plays in a detailed digital book that explains nutrition in an entertaining, easy to implement way. You can’t eat everything you want and lose weight, but you can eat and as much as you’d like of the right foods. Let’s face it, everybody likes to have more, and we help you get more without getting fat again.

More than 100 fantastic recipes! Their easy-to-make, weight loss recipes with the ingredients, instructions and images for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day.

A lot of fun with DrillDoggy. Let’s face it, traditional exercise is BORING, and unless you can afford a human personal trainer that varies your routine, you’ll get bored and give up. DrillDoggy is fun because it VARIES: different workouts, different meals, personal accountability, charts to track your progress and more means you’ll have fun. Think about it, if something is fun, wouldn’t you want to do it again? That’s the point.

Why does Drilldoggy help you to make money online?

Because Fitness Sells Itself.

Fact: There are more people trying to lose weight than trying to get rich. Don’t believe it? Then why is the diet and fitness niche worth $65 BILLION?

Fact: Everyone from employers to insurers is pushing people to diet and exercise; you’re basically selling something everyone else is promoting.

Fact: People are scared! They’re scared of bad diets, bad gyms, bad programs. DrillDoggy is different because there’s NO LONG TERM commitment, no exercise equipment purchase, no impossible workouts. This isn’t P-Impossible-X but an easier alternative.

Fact: We’re doing everything online. From online colleges to paying bills, people are comfortable in front of a computer. DrillDoggy capitalizes in that, the only difference is our clients stand up and sweat in front of their computers.

What DrillDoggy Affiliates Get:

75% of $47!
$3,525 with 100 orders.
$35,250 with 1000 orders.
They Lose Weight, you Gain Money.

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