Week 12:

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You have made it!

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Welcome to the final week. Great, [ds_firstname]! You have reached the last week of our training program. That is truly fantastic. Only 7 days left before you’ve completed the training program. We hope that you have enjoyed the exercise circuits so far, and we’re confident that you’ll continue training, by creating your own workout plans and programs after finishing the final week.

Yes, the 12 weeks will have burnt so many calories and you should almost certainly be able to notice that you’re much slimmer, healthier and fitter when compared with day one. Make no mistake about it however, you have to continue. You mustn’t stop after this completing this program. Yes, you can integrate certain weeks with lower intensity, but it’s important that you don’t stop here. This is why we have created a toolbox that helps you to create your own plans with the circuits you have learned over the last 12 weeks.

See you soon, and have a fantastic last week, [ds_firstname]!

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Body Weight Circuit 12:

Body Weight Circuit 11:

Body Weight Circuit 1:

Day 1: Rest

We hope that you used the rest day yesterday, as this means that you have well deserved free day. If you didn’t use the optional training day yesterday: Just skip this day and start the week with day 2 instead.

Day 2: Your Last Body Workout Circuit #12

Wow. This is the last circuit you’ll get to learn in this program. This circuit can be seen as a summary of all of the circuits that you have performed so far. There are elements of each training week that are combined in this week’s program, designed to push you to the absolute limit.

It’s the most intensive workout yet, and gives you a chance to look back on what you’ve learnt over the last 12 weeks: Wasn’t it a great time? Remember how you got on with the first circuit and how far you’ve come now? You have learned so many different elements regarding exercise,  and more importantly, about your body as a whole. You can build upon this and improve the techniques you’ve learnt at a later stage. Make sure to ave a lot of fun with this final circuit! Enjoy it.

Day 3: Interval Cardio Training

You can do interval training with any type of aerobic exercise: running, cycling, swimming, sport, etc. The easiest way to measure intensity is to figure out heart rate, but it is okay to guesstimate in the beginning! Try to get a feeling for your maximum intensity and try to stick to the intensity we recommend. We know that it’s impossible to hit the percentages like we present them but try to move faster when we suggest moving faster and slow down when we suggest it.

The most important thing about interval training is that your body can’t get used to it. It’s always a new challenge for your body to adapt the new intensity and this means that you burn more calories. If you don’t like this modus: Stick with the “Light Cardio Training” you already know.

Interval workout: 30 min
5 minute warm up 30% max intensity
10 minutes at 60% max intensity
2 minutes at 80% max intensity
8 minutes at 60% max intensity
5 minutes at 85% max intensity
5 minute cool down 20% max intensity

Day 4: Rest

On all of the rest days you should do some light stretching and ice any of the muscles that are sore! Get plenty of sleep and drink some more water : )

Day 5: Body Workout Ciruit #1

Let’s make a short journey back to the beginning of your training progress. Do you remember this workout? 12 weeks ago you will have struggled with this circuit.Well, if we’ve done our job right, as well as you doing yours, we bet that it’s easier for you to perform now! You should be proud because you never gave up, and have made outstanding progress. Congratulations!

Day 6:  Light Cardio Training (45 minutes)

Cardio is about getting your heart pumping, and your blood flowing. The best way to monitor this is with a heart rate monitor, and then figure out your zones. If this is a little too high-tech then you’ll just need to get a feeling for when your heart is beating at the right rate. Some great examples of cardio are: running in the park (one of my favorites), going for a bike ride, or just doing a few laps in your local swimming pool. Simply try your best, and go at a leisurely pace. This is LIGHT cardio training after all. The intention here is to ease you into the program, not kill yourself as if you’re training for a marathon. The intention today is to get your heart rate up, get your blood flowing, and to burn a few calories along the way. Things get much tougher so don’t worry about that.

Examples of exercise intensity levels:
Skipping Rope > Running > Swimming > Riding Bike > Walking

Recommended Time (Skipping Rope, Running, Swimming, Riding Bike, Walking):
15-20 minutes > 30-45 minutes > 45-60 minutes > 60-75 minutes > 90 minutes

Remember: These are only recommended times, and should be your targets after finishing the training program, and getting yourself fitter. For now just keep going for as long as you can! It’s great to ride a bike for 30 minutes, or walk for 45 minutes in the park. Every form of activity burns calories! 

Day 7: Body Weight Workout #11

This is the last day of your 12 week training program, and today we’ll be asking you to repeat the last week’s exercise circuit. There were new exercises which need to be performed again and again in order to optimize your training, and overall athletic performance.

After that, it’s time for a celebration! YOU HAVE MADE IT. Fantastic, we’re so proud of you for all of the progress and positive changes that you’ve made in your life. Now it’s time to make your own plans. Take a look at the “create your own program” part of our site, and start looking at ways of creating your own exercise plans. Don’t be too sad, as we will be adding more body weight circuits soon! Take care of yourselves, and please stay fit, healthy, and happy. Thank you very much for your patience, and well done on your amazing progress!