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SUBJECT A: Workout at home with no gym equipment.
SUBJECT B: Discover DrillDoggy: Your Virtual Personal Trainer. 

Hate Sharing Exercise Equipment?
DrillDoggy is Virtual Training with No Equipment from Home.

You want to lose weight, you want to feel better, BUUUUUUT….
A. You don’t want to pay a trainer $65 a session
B. You don’t like undressing in front of strangers
C. You hate waiting for Ms. Slow to finish using your machine
D. Fitness center contracts make you go GRRRRRR

You’re right! Traditional Fitness SUCKS.

DrillDoggy is different:
A. Videos show you how to do each exercise
B. Easy strength training with anything heavy (no need to buy weights)
C. You’re the only one at the Cardio class
D. It just takes 30 minutes

DrillDoggy also includes an e-Book with 100 delicious recipes that don’t taste like diet food.

Give us 2-weeks and we guarantee you’ll see results. Give us 12-weeks and you’ll see a total body transformation. Why? Because DrillDoggy is easy to do, fun, and that’s just what you need to stay motivated.

Fitness can be Fun! Visit to learn more.

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SUBJECT A: 12-Week Fitness Program with Caveman Diet
SUBJECT B: Eat like a caveman, workout like a dog.

Fat Cavemen Did Not Exist

Forget Pritikin’s “eat only beans” and Dr. Atkins’ “no carbs ever”, DrillDoggy has developed 100 delicious recipes based on the natural Caveman’s diet.

Some vegetables, some animals, UNPROCESSED grains.

Discover DrillDoggy’s Diet & Virtual 12-Week Training Program.   

No Gyms. No Crowds. No Contracts. No Excuses.

Visit and let a dog take you in for a workout.

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SUBJECT A: The Diet for Free Range Humans.
SUBJECT B:  Eat to lose weight with

How to get full without getting fat.

Forget the myth that you have to chew your food 50 times to get full and digest better, forget the vegans, freegans, frutrarians, protein-only, carb-only, wheat-only…

DrillDoggy features 100 recipes that combines meat and vegetables, protein and carbs, the difference is we get rid of gluten, we encourage free-range meats, and we rejected processed grains.

DrillDoggy knows that diet alone won’t make you lose the weight or gain muscle. That’s why we’ve created a fitness program you can do from home, just 30-minutes a day, with no equipment to buy.

Enjoy all the benefits of an expensive personal trainer and more for one low price.

Visit and let a dog teach you how to eat.