Week 8:

Intermediate Training:

You have made it!

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WOW! Those 7 weeks just flew by – fantastic work, [ds_firstname]! This is the last week of the intermediate stage.  When you are able to finish the last circuit you are well on your way to becoming an absolute fitness-pro, and will soon be ready to enter the final stage of your fitness journey.

This week we are going to introduce a new circuit, and we are going to repeat circuit 4 of the beginner’s stage. The optional day will be placed on the last day of the week again. Try to perform as many of the optional training days as possible, but if you do feel especially tired or sore, then an extra rest day is perfectly fine. The only important thing is that you keep going and don’t give up. Have fun and enjoy the final week of intermediate training.

Important: Before you continue with week 9, you should be able to perform at least 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise we have outlined so far. If you can’t, we recommend that you practice week 5-8 again. Only people who have been active before Drilldoggy, can directly enter the 3rd stage, so don’t worry if you struggle.. You’ll still burn a heck of a lot of fat and lose weight with the first 8 weeks of our program. Your fitness will be vastly improved, and you’ll soon be knocking all of those reps out with no problem whatsoever.  

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Body Weight Circuit 8:

Body Weight Circuit 7:

Body Weight Circuit 4:

3 rounds:

15 Bodyweight Squats or 30 seconds
15 Push Ups or 30 seconds
15 Lunges per side or 30 seconds
15 Rows per side or 30 seconds (you can use a bottle instead of a band)
15 seconds Plank

Day 1: Body Workout Circuit #8

Workout #8 helps you to make the transition into the advanced section of this training program. Today’s workout is an absolute fat burning wonder because your personal trainer has combined well known fat burning exercises, has added new variations and has increased the intensity of the workout. You’ll need a resistance band or some other weights, such as bottles for the workout. It’s hard, but we know you’ll have a blast with this circuit.

Day 2: Rest

On all of the rest days you should do some light stretching and ice any of the muscles that are sore! Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water : )

Day 3: Light Cardio Training

Cardio is about getting your heart pumping, and your blood flowing. The best way to monitor this is with a heart rate monitor, and then figure out your zones. If this is a little too high-tech then you’ll just need to get a feeling for when your heart is beating at the right rate. Some great examples of cardio are: running in the park (one of my favorites), going for a bike ride, or just doing a few laps in your local swimming pool. Simply try your best, and go at a leisurely pace. This is LIGHT cardio training after all. The intention here is to ease you into the program, not kill yourself as if you’re training for a marathon. The intention today is to get your heart rate up, get your blood flowing, and to burn a few calories along the way. Things get much tougher so don’t worry about that.

Examples of exercise intensity levels:
Skipping Rope > Running > Swimming > Riding Bike > Walking

Recommended Time (Skipping Rope, Running, Swimming, Riding Bike, Walking):
15-20 minutes > 30-45 minutes > 45-60 minutes > 60-75 minutes > 90 minutes

Remember: These are only recommended times, and should be your targets after finishing the training program, and getting yourself fitter. For now just keep going for as long as you can! It’s great to ride a bike for 30 minutes, or walk for 45 minutes in the park. Every form of activity burns calories! 

Day 4: Body Workout Circuit #4

Now, we’ll jump into the beginner’s part of the training program again. Workout 4 should have been quite hard and won’t come easy, but make sure to power through. Maybe you can add some extra resistance or do more repetitions than before. Don’t forget to make some notes regarding the number of repetitions that you complete. We know we keep saying it, but keeping note is so important!

Day 5: Rest

On all of the rest days you should do some light stretching and ice any of the muscles that are sore! Get plenty of sleep and drink some more water : )

Day 6:  Body Workout Circuit #7

Last week’s workout was really hard but after your recovery day yesterday you should be able to train this circuit today. I know – the Burpees and Mountain Climbers are really hard, but they are fantastic for your weight loss success! Try your best and have a lot of fun.

Day 7: Optional Light Cardio Training – then Celebration.

Like last week, there’s an optional training day to mark your final day of the week. Just aim to perform some sort of physical activity for around 45 minutes and burn some calories. After that, it’s time to celebrate the end of the intermediate stage! You’ve made it and are now ready to step things up a gear, and enter the advanced stage. Only 4 weeks left, and you’ll be fitter, leaner, and healthier than ever before.

We’re proud to have you on board. Good job, see you for the advanced stage!